How to Take a Video Inventory


The days of scheduling in-home estimates are over. Video inventories are a much quicker, more convenient alternative to getting quotes for your move.

Here’s a guide on how to to make a solid video inventory:

  1. Make sure your home is well lit. If you’re filming during the day (recommended), open the windows to let in as much light as possible. Turn on the lights in darker rooms. You want your possessions to be as visible as possible in the video.

  2. Open all of your cabinets, drawers, and closets (especially in kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms) beforehand. This way you won’t forget to show any of the items hidden inside.

  3. When you enter a large room, pan the camera from left to right to give the viewer a perspective of the entire space. Then, sweep the room providing close up footage of all of your things.

  4. Specify any fragile or especially valuable possessions like wall art (pictures, paintings, etc.), valuable antiques and electronics.

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Image credit: Smart Photo Courses

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