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Moved helps LeFrak Streamline the Move-in Process to Deliver Best-in-Class Service.

With over 100 years of experience owning, developing, and managing properties, LeFrak is an established and respected presence in multifamily real estate. LeFrak is one of the largest privately-held apartment owners in the country, managing 20,000 units spread across New York City, Jersey City, South Florida, and the West Coast. In New York and New Jersey alone, their affiliates own and manage over 120 luxury residential properties offering services and amenities associated with the finest living. It’s no wonder then that LeFrak looked to Moved to help them perfect the fine art of stressless moving as one more way they can cater to their discerning clientele. “We first learned about Moved from a trusted industry colleague,” explained Mario Gaztambide, Head of Residential Real Estate for LeFrak.

When I set up the demo, I was completely blown away by the efficiency of the service. It was something really unique to the market and something we just weren’t doing with our current systems.

He went on to say that before using Moved, the move-in process was chaotic.  

“Prior to implementing the Moved platform, a lot of the move-in information lived on separate documents that were emailed to the prospect or provided at the leasing office, and it created a jumble of materials that were hard to navigate.”

Implementing the Moved platform has proven to be a solution to a problem we didn’t fully know we had. Ensuring that our teams can deliver a streamlined and efficient move-in experience has greatly improved resident satisfaction.

Mario described how important Moved is as a tool to provide best-in-class service to young professionals who are relocating for work, “Moving is a stressful experience and probably one of the largest financial commitments that our residents make in the year, so we want that process to be comfortable, efficient and seamless.”

“In the urban areas in which we operate,” Mario continued, “roommates are a very large part of our incoming tenancy. That creates certain challenges when you have different members of a household coming from different states at different times.

The Moved platform really allows us to organize that in a much more efficient manner, and it allows our team to ensure that they deliver the same best-in-class service and experience to all members of the household who may not be moving in at exactly the same time.

Learn more about Moved and how we can improve the move for your residents, save time for your teams and boost your ancillary service revenue. Contact us to schedule a demo.