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Milford Management Doubles Productivity and Ancillary Service Revenue


For more than 80 years under the Milstein Properties umbrella, Milford Management has been synonymous with the most exacting standards of excellence in the real estate industry. As a full-service organization, they are committed to providing the highest level of professional services to their residents with unwavering dedication and integrity. Today, Milford Management stands as one of the largest managing agents of the premier residential real estate in New York City.

According to Kent Bullis, Head of Residential Real Estate for Milford Management, working with Moved has dramatically improved the move-in process for their residents over the past year.

As someone who oversees the marketing of all of Milford Management’s properties, totaling 2,500 apartments across 13 different buildings in their portfolio, as well as the sales and onboarding teams, you can imagine how important efficiency and customer service are to Kent. 

“Before we began using the Moved application, the move-in process was disjointed,” he explains. “We’ve seen a lot more connectivity between the leasing staff and our tenants as a result of the fluid move-in experience that Moved provides.”

Milford Management staff members have realized tremendous productivity due to efficiencies gained by using Moved. Kent stated that there were more than 700 move-ins during the past year, double the amount they have in a typical year.  

“While we have doubled our capacity in a nine-month period, Moved has enabled us to handle that additional workload without a hiccup and without adding more staff. Essentially, Moved has saved us a considerable amount of time for each client and each client interaction, allowing us to focus on providing personalized customer service,” Kent said. 

Kent also stated that the ancillary services that Moved has built into its application had been a game-changer for Milford Management.

Since we’ve implemented Moved, our conversion rate for all of our ancillary services has gone up 100 percent. We can now get new tenants to sign up for ancillary services we’re able to provide and activate when they take possession of their unit rather than trying to capture their enrollment days or weeks after they’ve moved.

Another challenge that Moved has eased is the back-and-forth interaction between tenants and onsite staff to gather pertinent insurance information. Kent explained, “It used to be arduous. The Moved platform has given us the ability to see when a tenant fills out their insurance information and receive an electronic copy of that proof of insurance before they take possession of a unit. By self-guiding on their own schedule, they are able to find an opportunity to correctly file the right documents and move through the onboarding process to one of our properties more seamlessly.”

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