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From Manual to Effortless: Trilogy’s Move to Moved for Seamless Resident Move-ins

About Trilogy:

Trilogy Real Estate Group stands as an entrepreneurial force in the multifamily investment landscape, renowned for its vertically integrated approach. With a foundation built on value investment principles, operational expertise, and proactive value enhancement strategies, Trilogy is a leader in the multifamily sector.


Trilogy identified specific objectives in adopting Moved as their new portfolio-wide resident onboarding platform:

1. Operational Efficiency: The existing move-in process was labor-intensive and lacked the necessary efficiency to meet Trilogy’s operational standards. There was a pressing need for a more robust platform to streamline move-in procedures, reducing manual tasks for on-site teams.

2. Resident Experience: As a company committed to delivering a superior resident experience, Trilogy aimed to ensure a seamless and hassle-free onboarding process for its residents. Achieving a 5-star experience was paramount to maintaining resident satisfaction and loyalty.

Client’s Challenges:

Before implementing Moved, Trilogy’s site teams grappled with manual move-in procedures characterized by lengthy email checklists, PDF documents, and constant follow-ups with residents. This decentralized approach resulted in inefficiencies, as tasks were scattered across team members, leading to confusion and delays. Additionally, the reliance on a previous resident onboarding software didn’t adequately address the operational needs of Trilogy’s properties, exacerbating the challenges faced by both teams and residents.


The adoption of Moved revolutionized Trilogy’s resident onboarding experience, delivering tangible benefits across the board. With Moved, site teams could seamlessly collaborate and automate move-in tasks, significantly improving operational efficiency. The platform’s user-friendly interface streamlined communication and task management, empowering teams to handle resident move-ins with ease.

Amee Whittaker, Community Manager at Trilogy, praised Moved’s impact, highlighting its role in simplifying management tasks related to resident move-ins:

The centralized nature of Moved allowed teams to access all necessary information in one place, eliminating the need for manual searches. Moreover, Moved has been a great fit for Trilogy with their lease-ups by minimizing physical interactions with residents, increasing the speed of move-ins, and freeing up time for teams.

Before Moved:

Trilogy estimated that resident move-ins took the team anywhere from days to weeks with their previous resident onboarding provider and manual process before using Moved.

Results with Moved:

Additional Highlights:

-Resident move-ins now take minutes instead of days
-27 communities were onboarded in 6 weeks!

In conclusion, the implementation of Moved has transformed Trilogy’s resident onboarding experience, enhancing operational efficiency and resident satisfaction. By leveraging the best-in-class operational technology to streamline move-ins and empower teams, Trilogy has reinforced its commitment to delivering exceptional service across its portfolio.

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