Crafting the Perfect Move-In Experience: Webinar Recap

In today’s fast-paced world, where renting has become a lifestyle choice for many, property managers are facing a significant challenge: crafting the perfect move-in experience for their residents. Recent statistics reveal that 64% of renters consider moving to be the number one stressful event in their lives. This underscores the importance of making a strong first impression and ensuring a smooth transition for new residents.

In our recent webinar with Christina Greiner, one of our Customer Success Managers at Moved, and Erica Patterson at ManageGo, we delved into the crucial aspects of creating unforgettable move-ins. Here are the highlights from our discussion:

The Significance of the Move-In Experience

1. Experience Over Everything: According to research, a staggering 84% of renters believe that the move-in experience is just as important as the quality of the apartment itself. This shift in perspective emphasizes the need for property managers to prioritize resident satisfaction right from the start.

2. Retention Rates: Get the move-in experience right, and you’ll reap the rewards. Statistics show that when residents have a seamless move-in experience, 79% of them remain satisfied at lease renewal. This leads to higher retention rates and a more stable resident base.

Challenges Faced by Property Managers

1. Increasing Expectations: 75% of property managers have noted that resident expectations have grown in the past year. This puts added pressure on property management teams to deliver top-notch services.

2. Lack of Tools: Shockingly, one in four property managers reports that their work suffers because they lack the necessary tools or technology to streamline their responsibilities. This inefficiency can lead to lost time and frustrated residents.

3. Manual Tasks: On average, property managers spend 156 hours a month on manual tasks that could easily be automated. This time could be better utilized for improving resident experiences or higher priority tasks.

Automating the Resident Onboarding Process

1. Visual Dashboard: Property managers can enhance their efficiency by using a visual dashboard that centralizes all move-in-related tasks in one platform. This simplifies the process and ensures nothing falls through the cracks.

2. Auto-Reminders: Automation can also be applied to send timely reminders to both property managers and residents, ensuring that tasks are completed on schedule.

3. Exclusive Discounts: Partnering with vendors to provide exclusive discounts can add value to the move-in experience and save residents money, making them happier from day one.

Personalization for a Memorable Move-In

1. On-Site Staff Welcoming: Nothing beats a warm welcome from on-site staff on the day of move-in. Personal touches like this go a long way in making residents feel valued and at home.

2. Move-In Gifts: Small gestures, like a welcome gift, can make a big difference in creating a positive first impression. Read our ‘Move-in Gift Ideas’ blog for more inspo!

3. Exclusive Events: Hosting exclusive events for new residents fosters a sense of community and helps them settle in more comfortably.

4. Gamification: Engaging residents in activities like scavenger hunts can be a fun way to help them familiarize themselves with the property.

The Action Plan Recap

To create a 5-star move-in, property managers should consider the following steps:

1. Automate Onboarding: Implement an automated onboarding process to streamline tasks and save time.

2. Offer Moving Support: Provide resources such as moving company recommendations and quotes to make the move less stressful.

3. Digital Checklists: Offer digital move-in checklists to keep residents organized and informed.

4. Prioritize Personalization: Go the extra mile to personalize the move-in experience with thoughtful touches.

The Ripple Effect

By focusing on resident satisfaction, property managers not only lay a solid foundation for long-lasting retention but also benefit from:

-Residents who become advocates for your building, leading to positive word-of-mouth advertising.

-Substantial time and money savings through automation.

Listen to the full webinar!

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