Moved is a Win-Win For AvalonBay Residents and Leasing Teams

Creating a better way to live drives the purpose of AvalonBay Communities, Inc., an equity REIT that delivers a superior lifestyle for residents. With core values that include a commitment to integrity, a spirit of caring, and a focus on continuous improvement, AvalonBay believes that improving the move-in experience for new residents is one way to demonstrate those values. 

Rhett Mitter, Senior Director of Product Management for AvalonBay, describes why the company turned to Moved to simplify and automate the move-in process for its nationwide portfolio of 275 communities and 85,000 units.

“We began working with Moved in Q2 of 2020 after realizing that their platform was in alignment with what we intended to build ourselves,” Rhett explained. “They have been an absolute pleasure to work with as they are always responsive and forward-thinking about how to streamline the move-in process and improve the customer experience.”

Rhett went on to describe how Moved enhances the other efficiency measures that AvalonBay has already implemented for its onsite teams.

Our team members love the Moved platform. Now, they can view all of their move-ins in one place — something we never had before. In essence, Moved has removed the burden on our associates by automating the move-in process, making it intuitive and easy.

Rhett continued to explain, “For example, our associates no longer have to key in renters insurance policies and are empowered to maintain high compliance rates among our renters.”

Rhett estimated that 95% of the households they invite to use Moved signup and engage. Having the ability to complete all the tasks leading up to moving day, all in one place, saves time and increases enrollment in ancillary services.

Honestly, I feel like the Moved self-service platform is going to be table stakes in our industry for improving the customer journey through self-service options.

“It gives residents the ability to do things like sign up for Internet service or enroll in our renters’ insurance on their own time, and it frees up our associates’ time. It’s a win across the board,” he explained. 

Rhett added that AvalonBay is rolling out two new ancillary services to new residents thanks to the efficiency of the Moved platform and that the early numbers are showing promise for increased conversions.

Learn more about Moved and how we can improve the move for your residents, save time for your teams and boost your ancillary service revenue.

Best Smart Home Holiday Gifts 2017

Modernize your home with the latest and greatest smart home devices.

Echo Dot — $49.99

The best entry-level Amazon Alexa device that will become the backbone of your smart home.


Amazon Echo — $99.99

All the same features as the Echo Dot but with a bigger and better speaker. Looks great in any apartment.


Google Home — $129.00

Prefer Google over Amazon? Google Home offers similar features with Google Assistant built-in to play your favorite songs, tell you the weather forecast, connect your smart home devices and much more.


Google Home Mini — $49.99

Google’s entry-level smart home device, especially great if you have an Android phone.


Sonos One — $199.00

A rich sounding Alexa-enabled speaker, perfect for any music lover.


Nest Thermostat — $199.99

Easy-to-install smart thermostat, controlled by your smartphone, that will learn your desired temperatures and save you tons on your heating bill.


iRobot Roomba — $274.99

The only vacuum you need. At a push of a button, it will find every bit of dust on your floors and rugs, even under your bed and couch.


TP-Link Smart LED Light Bulb — $19.99

A great entry-level smart bulb that connects to your home network and doesn’t require a hub.


Philips Hue Multi-color — $199.99

A great connected light system with LED bulbs that can display any color imaginable. Freak out your cat by changing colors with voice command using any smart hub.


WeMo Smart Plug — $34.99

Anything that is plugged into the wall can be turned into a smart connection with this handy Smart Plug.


StarTech Bluetooth Audio Receiver — $75.99

Play music from your phone on any stereo with this audio receiver — no cords needed.


SkyBell HD Smart Doorbell — $199.99

Ever wonder who is ringing your doorbell? With SkyBell you can see them before they see you.


Nest Protect Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm — $119.99

It’s about time smoke detectors were updated. Get notified on your phone if your smoke detector goes off.


Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera — $199.99

Keep an eye on your house when you’re not home with this smart outdoor security camera.


Kwikset Kevo Bluetooth Lock — $229.99

With this smart lock you can open your front door with your phone, but still have the safety backup of a key.


August Smart Lock — $229.99

Who needs keys when we have phones? You can even create temporary digital keys for friends or Airbnb guests.


7 Helpful Apps to Use During Your Move

Apps aren’t just about entertainment and chasing Pokemon. They can also help you stay sane and organized during a move! Here are seven apps that will do just that:


Well, we kind of have to mention our own app! 😉 The Moved app serves as a central hub for all things moving. First and foremost, you’ll be connected with your own personal moving assistant who helps throughout the entire process. Use the Moved app and your personal assistant to help with pretty much anything you can think of related to your move. Book a mover, update your address, sell your couch, get packing materials, find a storage unit, insurance quotes… and much more!


Sortly claims to be “the ultimate organizer app”, and it certainly goes a long way to deliver on that promise. Using Sortly, you can create a digital inventory of everything you own, organized with folders, photos, notes, tags, 15-sec videos and printable QR labels. Keeping track of everything you own in this way can serve as an invaluable resource during the hectic craziness of a move.


MagicPlan lets you create digital floor plans of your home with your iPhone or iPad camera. Using your phones camera, you look around the room, and mark where the corners are. The app then creates a detailed floor plan for you! This app also connects with the Floorplanner website. Using the two services together, you can plan your new home’s furniture layout quickly and easily, in beautifully rendered 2D and 3D designs.


Need help with interior design? Houzz is your spot to get new design ideas, find professionals, and shop for your home. You can do it yourself or hire a pro to make your new home look amazing.


Evernote keeps all your notes (whether a to-do list, photo, snippet of text, or a full document) together in one place, easily synced across all your devices. Available on all Android and iOS devices, as well as Mac and PC laptops and tablets.

Snap N Pack

This app helps you keep your things organized. Take photos of your things, assign a group of them a QR code, then print that QR code and slap it on the box. Think of it as high-tech labelling! When it’s time to unpack, you can scan the QR code with your phone and know exactly what’s inside.


One of the most popular planning apps in the world, Wunderlist will help you stay organized and on top of the long list of various tasks required for a successful move. You can keep all your to-do lists in here, organized by folder and hashtag. Set due dates and reminders so you don’t forget anything, and share to-do lists with others. You can even assign tasks and lists to others. Like Evernote, Wunderlist is available on pretty much any internet-accessible device.

For more help keeping organized during a move, check out our post on the topic, here.

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