How To Know What Type of Mover You Need

All moves are not made equal.

Your move is unique. Figuring out the best way to move isn’t simple. The first question to answer is if you need to hire a moving company or not.

If you decide to hire one, the next step in the process is understanding the type of moving company you’ll need to book.

Here is a breakdown of the types of moving companies there are, and how to know which one is right for you.

1) Self-Service.

This isn’t a full “do-it-youself” move, but it’s close. The Self-Service move is where you pack everything yourself and then hire a moving company to pick it up, load the truck, and unload it all at your new place.

Pros: Lower cost for movers. More control over your stuff. No heavy lifting.

Cons: Time spent packing, organizing, and unpacking. Money spent on packing supplies. Some movers may not accept liability for boxes they did not pack (make sure you ask!).

2) Full-Service.

Sit back, relax, and watch your move happen. The Full-Service move is where a company you hire literally does it all. They pack, load, transport, unload, and unpack everything for you.

Pros: Time saved by having someone else do everything. No heavy lifting. Full coverage for the items being moved (double check with your mover).

Cons: Higher total cost for your move. Lack of control over handling of items. Having to coordinate where should be unpacked and placed.

3) Specialized Movers.

Whether you are doing the entire move yourself or hiring a full-service team, you may still need specialized movers. This is for unique, special items that need to be handled differently than the rest of your haul.

Some movers won’t even take these items, while in other cases you may just prefer to have this sort of expertise. You would use a specialized mover if you’re shipping a car, a pet, fragile antiques, artwork, or really any item that requires special care.

Pros: Individual expertise transporting the item. Special care and coverage for the item(s). Peace of mind that it’s handled correctly.

Cons: Extra cost to the overall move. Coordinating with another company and another timeline.

Handle with care.

Handle with care.

After you decide which type of mover you need, the next step is to actually find and pick a company to use.

Whatever your move calls for, make sure you find a reputable company with a good quote. A Moved Concierge will figure all of this out for you and has the experience and expertise to ensure you get the best possible company for your move.

Happy Moving! 😊

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