How To Pick The Right Moving Company

Keep Your Stuff In Good Hands

Finding a good company for your move isn’t easy. It’s a process that can take up a lot of time and energy.

First, the Google search. Scrolling through list upon list of moving companies all with different ratings.

“Google says they’re a 6/10 but Yelp says they’re a 4.5/5. Wait — this moving platform has only negative reviews. But my friend said they were pretty good and cheap.” -You

Sound familiar? Sure it does.

And this is just the process before you call them for a quote. Phone call after phone call. Reciting over and over when you plan to move, where you’re moving to, and how much stuff you have. You spend hours online and on the phone just to understand the options that are actually available to you.

It sucks.

But here’s a cheat sheet. A few tips on finding the right moving company for you…

1) Understand Your Move.

Before you start looking around, make sure you know what you’re looking for. What type of mover do you need? What can you afford? This will help guide the entire process.

2) Credibility First, Price Second.

It’s tempting to just go for the cheapest offer you can find. But price should be the second filter through which you look. You’re hiring someone to literally pack up your life and transport it to a new location.

You need to have a reputable company with a history of doing good work handing your stuff. This is an important (and expensive) time in your life. The extra $50 is worth it to get a licensed, verified moving crew rather than two guys with a van.

3) Search Online, Book Offline.

There are many good platforms available to get quotes and book your move. Use this as a starting point rather than an ending one. Many moving companies will bake in a premium on these platforms because they have to pay to be there and they have less control over getting the move’s details.

Once you find a company you like and got a quick online quote, give them a call. Tell them the quote you got and that you’d like to book directly through them. They’ll give you a discount on price for doing so.

4) Get Moved.

Use a personalized Moved Concierge to get all of this done simply and easily. Moving isn’t something you do frequently, so have an expert help you and get things done while you’re going about your life. Your Concierge knows the best moving companies for your type of move and can get you the best quote without you lifting a finger.

Moving is a process that uproots your life and takes up a lot of time. But it doesn’t have to. Do your homework and get help from the experts. You (and your stuff!) will be happy you did.

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