How To Get Rid Of Stuff When You Move

Moving is the perfect opportunity to purge and get rid of things that you don’t need. Once you identify the excess stuff that you have, there are three ways to get rid of it.

1) Disposal.

This is the default behavior when getting rid of stuff. It can be surprisingly more difficult than you would imagine, depending on what you need to get rid of. For smaller items, it’s relatively straightforward. Larger items require more consideration and planning

There also may be state and federal regulations to consider when disposing of certain materials. Don’t make assumptions and make sure you do your research before disposing of anything potentially hazardous.

For more details about disposing of items, see “How To Throw Things Away When You Move”.

2) Selling.

Have stuff you don’t need but is still valuable? Sell it! Odds are that someone out there is looking for what you have and will pay you for it. It feels great to recoup money for something you don’t need or are no longer using. Who doesn’t want some extra cash?

There are plenty of sites where you can sell your stuff. The only drawback to doing this is the time investment. Unless you’re a pro, you’ll have to spend a chunk of time and energy to list, sell, and deliver your items.

Read “How To Sell Things When You Move” for the best places to sell your extra stuff.

3) Donations.

If you have things that are valuable but you don’t want to sell, you should seriously consider donating them. It’s a great thing to do, you get a nice tax deduction, and (most importantly) you’ll help someone and earn some karma points in the process.

Unfortunately this isn’t the easiest or most accessible thing to do. You need to understand what is right to donate, where and who to donate it to, and then physically get it there.

To better understand how to donate, check out “The Proper Way To Donate Stuff You Don’t Need”.

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