The Proper Way To Donate Stuff You Don’t Need

As you pack things for your move, you’ll notice a lot that you no longer need but could be valuable to others. Clothes, furniture, electronics… anything really. As long as it’s not broken or gross, it likely can be donated.

There are three benefits to donating…

  1. You help others in need.

  2. You get rid of things you don’t use.

  3. You can get money back with a nice tax deduction.

So how do you actually donate?

The Goodwill and Salvation Army are always good places to go with your donations. Depending on your state, there are a multitude of options. See this article for your state.

Don’t have time to drop it off?

That’s okay! You can have Big Brothers Big Sisters come pick it up or have a TaskRabbit do it for you. It’s easy to donate.

How do I deduct charitable donations?

The IRS has eight tips for deducting charitable contributions that you should look at before donating. In order to properly make the deduction you will have to value your goods. Check out Goodwill’s Valuation Guide for a rough estimate of what your donations are worth.

That’s it! You’re able to get rid of some stuff, pay less in taxes, and help other people in need. And moving is a perfect time to do it.

Have stuff you need to sell or throw away? Check out these two articles (selling & disposing) about how to do those. Good luck!

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