Don’t Forget These 3 Things When You Move

Moving is like juggling 50 balls while running down the street. If one or two balls dropped behind you, who could blame you for not noticing? You’re still trying to keep 48 other balls in the air!

Here’s a list of things people commonly forget when they move…

1) They Forget to Bring Everything.

  • Things in the home. It’s easy to forget to pack things that seem a part of the house itself, like curtains, drapes, rugs, mirrors and plants. Other common areas forgotten include the cabinets under the sink and over the fridge, storage areas in the basement, attic or under the stairs, and medicine cabinets.

  • Things outside your home. Don’t forget your outdoor furniture, garden accessories and tools, hoses, plants, flower pots, planter boxes and whatever is in your shed, if you have one.

  • Things around town. Make sure to remember the contents of your safety deposit box, clothes at the dry-cleaners, items in storage, things neighbors, friends and family have borrowed over the years.

  • Collect records. To avoid a potentially expensive, lengthy hassle having them transferred later, you’ll want to collect all personal records, including medical, dental and pharmaceutical records, children’s school files and veterinarian records if you have pets.

  • Speaking of pets, don’t forget them! You’d be surprised how many cats and dogs get left behind during moves. Here are some tips on this.

  • Leave some behind. Amidst the packing frenzy, make sure you do leave behind spare keys, garage door openers, and any items you borrowed.

2) They Forget to Tell Everyone.

  • The people. Let everyone know you’re leaving! That includes family and friends of course, but also neighbors, housekeepers, gardeners, babysitters, etc. Then there are the officials: schools, employers, banks, government agencies, insurance companies, and the post office.

  • The companies. Call your utility companies and schedule your water, electric, gas, satellite, etc. to be disconnected the day after you move.

  • The memberships. Cancel memberships (gyms, yoga studios, etc.), return library books and movie/game rentals, and pick up any prescriptions.

3) They Forget to Prepare for Arrival.

  • Take measurements. “Will it fit?” Don’t forget to ask this question! Trust me, you don’t want show up with a couch that won’t fit through the door.

  • Get the keys. Get all the keys: You have the key for the front door, but does it open the deadlock too? A successful move is one where you actually get inside your new place.

  • Accommodations. If your beds won’t arrive ’til after you do, make sure to book sleeping arrangements well beforehand, so you’re not scrambling for a place to sleep after a long day of moving.

  • Parking. “Where can I park?” Another great question, easily forgotten. Waking up to realize your car’s been towed is no fun.

  • Pack the essentials. Include anything you might need in the first few days. A good place to start is toilet paper, toiletries, towels, bottled water, snacks, a change of clothes, phone chargers, and things like plates, cups, and utensils. See #3 here.

It’s easy to forget what you’re forgetting, so don’t hesitate to refer back to this post throughout the moving process!

And if, despite your best efforts, you end up still forgetting a few things, make sure to write them down when it’s all over. That way, the next time you move, you’ll have a personalized list to refer to.

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