5 Tips For Efficient & Stress-Free Packing

Does the thought of packing overwhelm you? Follow these five simple tactics to eliminate stress and increase efficiency.

Declutter and organize before you pack a single box.

Similar to cooking a meal in a dirty kitchen, you don’t want to start packing in a messy space. Clean up and get organized as if you were impressing guests. It will be much easier to sort your belongings when they’re not hidden under three loads of laundry.

Choose high quality boxes — even if they cost a bit more.

Once you’re ready to begin packing, make sure your boxes are in decent shape. Nothing will send you over the edge quicker than a box tearing through the bottom as you carry it downstairs. Save yourself from this common packing nightmare by spending the extra penny on quality moving boxes. These can be found at almost any home improvement retailer, or you can easily purchase them through Moved.

Start packing the items used least often.

Think of that Crock Pot currently buried behind all of your pots and pans, or the heavy winter jackets that have been stored away for Spring. Rule of thumb: if you aren’t currently using it, pack it. On the flip side, note all of the must-have items (think: toothbrush, underwear, phone charger) which you cannot live a day without. You’ll want to proactively pack these into an essentials bag so you aren’t rummaging through boxes to find a fresh pair of undies.

Fit more into a box by repurposing household items.

Packing efficiently will make for less boxes. Pack bulkier items at the bottom of the box and avoid empty space so things aren’t shuffling around in-transit. To further ensure that space isn’t wasted, fill items that have an opening. For example, pots and jars are great places to put folded kitchen towels and utensils. Tupperware and water bottles can also carry accessories, earbuds, or other small knick-knacks. Bedsheets and pillow cases can be used to wrap delicate items. Before you tape up your box, triple check for any free space.

Label. Everything.

Labeling will save you from a huge headache when unpacking. Label boxes with what they contain (“framed pictures”) and which room they belong (“living room”). If you want to go the extra labeling mile, list boxes by unpacking priority (H)igh, (M)edium, (L)ow and place a label on each side of the box so it’s visible when stacked.

These 5 packing tips will help you maintain sanity and keep organized. Pack away!