4 Reasons You Should Move More Often

We get it — the thought of moving typically send shivers down your spine. The packing, the unpacking, scheduling movers, changing your address— the process can feel overwhelming. But, there is actually a lot that can be gained from moving more often.

1. Moving Gives You a New Adventure

If you aren’t excited about where you live, it’s time to make a move! There are so many places to explore and things to see.

Try making a BIG move and set off to a new state. Head to the coast and experience the salt life — fresh seafood dinners, beautiful beaches and the sand between your toes. Maybe take off to the mountains and live the ski bum / hiker life. The country is filled with unique adventures!

Is that a little too much adventure for you? Do you have a job you love and don’t want to leave? Find a new place within your current city to move. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut of visiting the same restaurants and activities within close proximity of your home. Shake it up a bit! Moving lets you find new restaurants, new social groups, new night life, and maybe even a new hobby or two.

Whether you are moving neighborhoods or across the country, a new adventure will await you.

2. Moving Can Save You Money

That’s right! Chances are when you think of moving you think of all the money you will be spending — first and last month’s rent, security deposit, professional movers, boxes, bubble wrap, and all that comes along with it. But, making a move can actually benefit you financially. Here are some ways you can save money:

  • Finding a place that is cheaper to rent will save you money month after month.
  • Mortgage rates are still close to record setting lows. You might be able to make the jump to being a homeowner and put your money towards a long-term investment.
  • Stuff might cost less. Retailers charge different prices based on the area. You could move one zip code over and find your favorite products at the store for a lower price.
  • Lower property, income and sales taxes.
  • A shorter commute can save you some cash on gas, cabs or public transportation.
  • All those coupons! When you change your address, you get a magical envelope in the mail with all kinds of coupons and discount codes. (Ok, so maybe this alone isn’t the best reason to move, but you’ll save a bit on new home purchases.)

3. Moving Makes You Eliminate Junk

Let’s face it, once you have lived in a place for a few years you have accumulated a lot of stuff that you don’t need anymore. It may be things that meant something to you at the time, but don’t anymore, or just things you held onto for no reason at all.

Start by getting rid of the things that you have never used or will never use again. Do you still have that Crock-Pot that you got for your birthday from Grandma last year? What about a bag full of stuffed animals from when you were a child? Or clothes that have been pushed to the darkest parts of your closet? Moving is the perfect time to rid these items.

Next, move on to the things that you have too many of. Do you really need 40 winter jackets, 50 pairs of shoes and 200 books that you’ve already read? Choose a few of your favorites and toss (or donate!) the rest.

4. Moving Gives You a Fresh Start

Everyone needs a fresh start from time to time. Maybe you received an exciting new job opportunity with a big pay raise in a new city. Or, maybe the end of a relationship is giving you the chance to find a new start. Whatever event is going on in your life, a move to new home can be just the thing you need.

The place you live is more than four walls — it’s your home and it holds memories and reminders of the past. If the time has come for you to move on, do it!

Let’s be honest… sometimes the process of moving can suck. But, the results of moving can payoff for you mentally, relationally and financially.