10 Tips to Save Money on Your Move

In addition to being tremendously stressful (which we’re here to fix ;)), moving can burn a whole in your pocket QUICKLY. And we don’t know about you, but we’re never opposed to some simple ways to save some cash.

Here’s some easy tips that can help you save big during your move:

1. Use household items instead of bubble wrap.

Want to be environmental and economical all at once? Use bath towels, comforters and blankets, clothing, or any other soft materials you might have in your home to pack your stuff. It’ll save you space, money, and reduce the amount of plastic waste you’re creating. That’s a win-win-win!

2. Don’t buy boxes.

So many retailers use more cardboard boxes in a day than they know what to do with. Go to your local Target or Walmart and ask them if they have any leftover boxes that they’re throwing away. You can also go to places like Craigslist where people frequently post ads giving away free used boxes. Again, save the planet and save money all in one!

3. Buy your own supplies.

Instead of buying things you need from the moving company on the day of the move, go to Lowe’s or Home Depot and make sure you have everything ahead of time. The moving company will charge you an arm and a leg.

4. Be ready when the movers arrive.

Moving companies charge by the hour. If all your things are packed and ready to go by the time they get there, it will save them time and you money.

Along with this, packing yourself instead of having them pack for you will save you lots of money.

5. Bring your stuff outside.

If you’re moving out of a small apartment and can get all of your belongings out to the curb prior to the move, then your movers will have to do significantly less work (you’ll get charged for curbside pickup instead of apartment pickup).

6. Give an accurate inventory.

Movers give you your a based on the inventory you provide them with. If you underestimate the number of things you have, the cost of your move may turn out to be more than they actually quoted you. Be as accurate as you possibly can. For the best results, make a video inventory.

7. Get creative with containers.

If you’re going to be moving with suitcases or laundry baskets, use them to pack your stuff instead of cardboard boxes to save space.

8. Book your move off peak time.

This is a big one! Movers are always more busy during the first and last 5 days of the month. They also do the vast majority of their business in the warmer months. Book your move mid-month or in the winter to save lots of money.

9. Get rid of things you don’t need.

The most obvious way to reduce the cost of your move is to have less things to move. Purge what you don’t need OR save even more money by selling your stuff to offset the cost of your move!

10. Just pay for labor.

Particularly on long distance moves (where the movers traditionally charge you for the time it takes them to drive between locations), you can rent your own truck and just pay for the labor to load and unload your things. If you don’t mind driving, this will limit your moving cost dramatically.

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