Packing Tips from Travel Bloggers

Packing can be exhausting. Physically and emotionally. Especially when you have to pack everything on your own! To help you out, we compiled a list of tips from travel bloggers who, although they’re not packing boxes often, do quiiiite a bit of packing themselves.

Use Colors to Stay Organized

Turner from Around the World in 80 Jobs uses colored packing cubes to organize his clothes. Knowing where everything is makes his unpacking process so much easier. Though you’ll likely be using cardboard boxes instead and packing much more than clothes, you can use his method to label your boxes by by room (bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc.). Knowing exactly where each box goes when you get to your new home can save you a ton of time in the long run. Trust us.


Pack Smart

Helene in Between, who dropped everything to travel the world with her husband Michael, uses a unique strategy to pack her backpack while she’s on the go (pictured alongside). By putting her densest and heaviest closest to her back and layering the lighter ones along the outside, she makes her pack easier to carry. You can do the same thing when filling your cardboard boxes! Put your heaviest things on the bottom and work your way out. Just make sure you double- or triple-layer the bottom of the box with tape!

Stay Safe From Spills

Nothing could put a damper on arriving at your new home quite like a cardboard box that’s been steeped in shampoo for a few hours. Kay from The Kay Days urges packers to keep their toiletries and other liquid items in ziplock bags when they travel. When you’re moving, this could be typical toiletries or other liquid items like cleaning supplies that might require larger protection (grocery or trash bags). This way, in the event that something spills during transport, you won’t have to deal with any type of catastrophic mess. Better safe than sorry.

Keep Rollin’

You’ve probably heard this one a number of times before, but that’s because it works! Laurel Robbins from Monkeys and Mountains says to roll your clothes to save space while you’re packing. This applies to clothes, but also larger items like blankets, towels, comforters, and curtains. The more space you save means the less boxes you’ll have, and the less money your move will cost. P.S. rolling will save your fabrics from wrinkles, too.

Plan, plan, and plan some more


Being prepared is the key to a successful move from start to finish. According to Christina Guan from Happy to Wander, tip number 1 is to “always start with a packing list… and always be reviewing your packing list.” A seemingly simple but extremely underrated piece of advice. Beyond just packing, having a list of everything you need to do for your move (hiring movers, reserving elevators, packing, booking storage) will ensure that you don’t forget any critical steps along the way. This might seem straightforward, but when the wheels start rolling, moving can get hectic.

Keep it Simple, …

Maybe our favorite tip comes from Laurence and Jessica of Finding The Universe. They say that once you’re done packing, you should leave at least half of what you were going to bring behind. This may be a bit drastic considering that you’re going to be moving every possession you own, but getting rid of your excess stuff before you move will save you big time! Packing will take you less time, you’ll have more space in your new home, and you’ll save money on the move! As is the case with most things when you move, simplicity is key. Check out How to Get Rid of Stuff When You Move to help you purge your unnecessary possessions.

Bonus Tip:

Though not a necessarily a travel blogger, Shaun Huberts is a musician and world traveller from Vancouver BC. He is also author to the book “How To Pack Like A Rockstar” (so we’d say he’s probably fairly knowledgeable on the subject). Shaun packs his clothes so they stack vertically in the opening of his suitcase (like demonstrated in the picture below). This way, he has easy access to any clothes he might need on the go and doesn’t make a mess digging through and unfolding everything. While this tip definitely applies to clothes, you can take it a step beyond that. Pack the things that you know you’re going to need right away at the top of boxes, or in a separate container (potentially suitcase or carry-on bag). Think silverware to eat with, your coffeepot for your morning coffee, your phone charger, towels, and sheets.

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