Moved Announces Jason Deppen’s Promotion to Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Paving the Way for Continued Growth and Innovation in Resident Engagement Software.

Moved is excited to announce the promotion of Jason Deppen to the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO). This promotion comes at an important time for the company, as Moved solidifies its position as the industry leader through strategic partnerships with esteemed organizations like U-Haul and prominent property management companies such as Asset Living

Jason has been instrumental in Moved’s success, consistently demonstrating exceptional leadership skills and contributing significantly to the company’s mission over the past year and a half. His profound understanding of the industry landscape and commitment to operational excellence have played a pivotal role in propelling Moved to new heights and ensuring top-notch service for the company’s rapidly growing client base.

With a proven track record of driving operational efficiency and fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation, Jason is poised to lead Moved into its next phase of growth and development. His insights into the evolving needs of residents and property management teams have profoundly shaped the company’s product strategy and enhanced user experience.

“Jason is a mission-driven, customer-obsessed, culture-carrying leader,” says Adam Pittenger, CEO of Moved. “Since joining the company, he has jumped into every facet of our business and added value. With the company’s recent and impending growth, it’s crucial we have the right operational leader in place to shepherd us into the future. Jason is that and more. I’m thrilled to announce his well-deserved promotion to COO.”

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