How to Work with the Moving Company

A professional moving company can certainly take a lot of the work and stress of a move off your plate. However, there are still a number of things you’ll need to do to ensure the entire process moves along smoothly and efficiently. Here’s what you should do:


Before the Movers Arrive

  • Clear a space for the moving truck: Make sure the moving truck has space to park in front of your house, or if that’s not possible, as close to your home as possible. Move your cars if you need to. The farther the truck is away from your home, the more work you’re creating for your movers. Many moving companies will also charge you extra if they have to park down the street.

  • Clear walkways: Remove plants, hanging plants, toys, wind-chimes, rugs, etc. The last thing you want is for a mover (or yourself for that matter) to trip over a stray toy while carrying your TV!

  • Create a moving inventory: This is a detailed list of everything you own, and what you want to do with it. Separate items into categories: what you want to move yourself, what you want packed in the moving truck, etc.

  • Clearly mark what will be packed vs. not packed: Save your movers the hassle of wondering which boxes and items are supposed to be left untouched and clearly label everything beforehand. Or better yet, section off an entire room to be off-limits.

  • Keep important documents with you: Moving contracts, insurance papers, etc. You don’t want to lose these in the packing process!

  • Engage in some targeted pre-packing: Depending on what service you’ve purchased, you may not be obligated to do anything before a move. But little things can make the process move along much more smoothly, such as:

Unplugging electronics

Removing batteries

Taking artwork and photos off the wall

Disassembling furniture

Pre-packing small items, such as office supplies, knick-knacks, refrigerator magnets, etc.

Stripping beds

Emptying the trash

  • Keep pets and kids out of the way! Avoid accidents and unnecessary havoc and arrange to have them stay in a separate room on moving day, or better yet, out of the house with friends or family.

During the Move

  • Let movers know which boxes are most valuable. Quality moving companies will handle all your goods with care. That said, a box of pillows will be handled differently than a box of China. Let your movers know what they need to take extra care handling.

  • Be present during the packing process: If you plan ahead well, you shouldn’t run into too much confusion or too many problems. But moves are tricky, and issues are bound to arise. Everything will go much more smoothly if you’re around to answer questions.

  • Let your movers know which bathroom to use!

  • Take care of your movers! These guys are working hard, and will appreciate some pampering. Massages and spa treatments aren’t necessary (though they’d probably be welcomed!) — simple, weather-appropriate food and drinks will go a long way. Fresh-baked cookies get you bonus points!

  • Make sure the truck driver has your contact info. And make sure you have his/her contact info as well. If the driver gets lost or in an accident, you’ll want to be the first to know.

  • Compare inventories: Before the truck leaves for your new home, compare your inventory with the moving company’s to ensure nothing is left behind or missing.

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